Japanese Hair Straightening

Images Hair Design specialize in Japanese Hair Straightening technique that can give our clients with a permanently pin-straight, frizz free, silky soft hair with unbelievable shine.

This a a great treatment for those with unruly, curly, unmanageable hair. What Japanese hair straightening, also known as thermal reconditioning, is a treatment created by Japanese hair expert Yuko Yamashita, where hair is permanently straightened, making it frizz free, silky soft and with unbelievable amount of shine. The condition of the hair after the treatment will be essentially be in a better condition than before it was done.

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After Care

To keep the longevity of the results of your hair after having this treatment done, you should follow these after-care tips.

1. Wait a minimum of 3 days before washing your hair. This allows the hair to set and also allows natural oils from your body to nourish the hair at the same time.

2. Use cooler water to wash and rinse your hair to finish up. The first mistake a lot of people make is rinsing your hair with hot or warm water. Hot showers are great, but not for your hair. The next time you shower, wear a shower cap or pull your hair up into a pony tail where the water can't reach it until it's time to wash your hair. Then, let down your hair and use cool water when washing and rinsing your hair. This closes up the hair cuticles which locks in moisture.

3. Wash your hair the recommended amount after the 3 day wait. Clean hair is healthy hair, but washing it everyday can remove the natural oils in your hair which would normally nourish it. But don't let it get grimy either. The recommended amount to wash your hair is every other day.

4. Know your shampoo ingredients. Its important to know what you are putting in your hair. Does it have a harsh lathering agent like ammonium lauryl sulfate, or a gentle one like sodium laureth sulfate? If so, change your shampoo to a gentler one.

5. When you dry your hair, don't rub it with the towel. Wet/damp hair is the weakest state. So, if you rub/dry it with a towel, there are major chances some will fall out. You can blot it. You could also dry it with a blow dryer, but not too often, or it will get extremely dry. It is best to let your hair dry naturally.

6. Spray-on and leave-in conditioners help: leave-in conditioners penetrate deep into your hair cuticles and heal them more completely. So using them at least once a week will make all the difference. A spray-on conditioner is another great idea. It conditions your hair and makes it look manageable and beautiful.

7. Brush your hair properly. Don't brush your hair too often or too much. Avoid brushing your hair while wet. Wet hair is stretchier and has a tendency to "snap". However, it is fine to untangle wet hair that is saturated with conditioner with a wide-toothed comb.

8. To keep the shine, volume, and bounce in your hair, use hair nourishing products. Home remedies work as well, there are tons of recipes online, just Google it. But always make yore its safe before trying any.

If you follow these tips you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful.

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